Books by Simon Easton

“Woodburning with Style” (2010)

208 pages.
Signed copies available direct from the author for £20 plus P&P.

Discover a classic craft with a creative, contemporary twist in Woodburning with Style, award-winning artist and pyrographer Simon Easton takes the craft of pyrography, which literally means “writing with fire,” and stands it on end. He describes his fresh, artistic creations as “Wood Tattoos,” not only because of the visual similarity in the drawing and creative process, but because each finished piece has a distinctive story to tell. With his contemporary flair and creative use of pattern and texture, Easton will take you on a journey from the concepts and basics of woodburning to the tips and techniques that will encourage your creativity and develop your style. Nine step-by-step projects – including coasters, key rings, and a wall clock – are mixed in with expert lessons covering everything from making simple marks to texturing and lettering.
Regardless of your artistic ability, woodburning is a rewarding craft that’s practically infinite in its applications. And with Easton’s guidance, you’ll quickly find your own creative niche within the art form. So, whether you’re a beginner or have been woodburning for years – Woodburning with Style will inspire and inform you with its beautiful designs, expert techniques, and creative vision. Get burning!


“Simon Easton leads you through the basics of our craft with an in-depth exploration of tool styles, pen tip styles and even how to create your own wire tips. His deep understanding of the art theory used in pyrography design is clearly shown through a series of wonderful sample burns and his illustrations that reflect his approach to executing any pyro project . “Woodburning with Style” is not so much a how-to book as a why-to book that will teach the beginning pyrographer as well as the advanced new ways of thinking about how to turn any design into an exciting wood burning adventure. This is a book that you will read thoroughly and then return to often as you grow in your craft of pyrography.” – Lora Irish, Author

“Even new crafters can easily decorate any wooden surface and discover how to easily embellish objects with rich texture, patterns, and motifs.” – Chip Chats Magazine

“Learn to Burn” (2013)

96 pages.
Signed copies available direct from the author for £11 plus P&P.

Discover the decorative craft of woodburning. Award-winning artist Simon Easton shows how to “write with fire” in this easy-to-learn introduction to the art of pyrography.
Easton guides you through the basics of woodburning, from purchasing tools and materials to setup and safety. He explains how to master all of the essential techniques of the craft, from making simple marks to texturing, lettering, shading, and finishing.
Learn to Burn offers 14 step-by-step projects for making decorative gifts-from coasters and picture frames to bangles, decorative plates, and door hangers-illustrated with clear how-to photographs.
– Create beautiful art projects using ready-made materials found at your local craft store.
– 14 step-by-step projects-appropriate for every skill level.
– Easy exercises introduce basic concepts for beginners.
– Learn expert techniques for texturing, lettering, shading, and finishing.
– Make memorable decorative gifts for friends and family.

“Yearn to Burn” (2019)

168 pages.
Signed copies available direct from the author for £15 plus P&P.

Whether you’re a budding or an experienced pyrographer, recreate 18 woodburning projects to hone your skills and gain confidence!
After providing a basic background on tools, hints and tips, award-winning pyrographer Simon Easton will walk you through fun, creative projects for an engagement ring box, herb garden label set, castle kitchen container, holiday platters, game boards, and more.
With step-by-step directions and photography, you’ll learn the techniques, experiment with ideas, and eventually develop your own style.
Inside, you’ll find:
– Insight into tools, materials, safety tips, preparing wood, and finishing treatments.
– 18 creative woodburning projects for the home, garden, kitchen, play room and more.
– Step-by-step directions and photography.
– Patterns to recreate the projects in this book.
– A list of helpful resource outlets for tools and materials.


“Yearn to Burn is a must read for the passionate pyrographer.” – Aaron Lynn, Kindle Arts Society

“Simon’s latest book will supply you with a wide variety of projects, plus fun and useful tips that old and new burners can use. I cannot wait to burn my own variations of his ideas!” – Jo Schwartz, Author/Pyrographer

“This third work by Simon Easton is a lively book loaded with ideas for decorating one’s surroundings in myriad ways using pyrography. After a good technical introduction, the author continues by providing varied, often geometric designs, for many kinds of wood pieces, and shows the pyro artists how to use those, adapt them, or even create new designs on other pieces.” – Kathleen Menéndez, Co-founder, International Association of Pyrographic Arts (IAPA)

After seeing Simon transform some very basic craft store items, like picture frames and leather sheets, into unique and functional art, it will spark your desire to try them. Plus the next time you’re at the craftstore, you might look at the items in a whole new light.” –
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